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Kitchen Renovation

We can handle all Kitchen remodeling needs. We take great pride in having the privilage to work in and on your home. We will always treat your home like we do our own - with care and attention to the details.

During kitchen renovations, we pride ourselves in being able to offer custom everything. We do that by offering cost-benefit evaluations and construction - we design and build to fit your kitchen to your needs.

Many competitors will design and build with stock cabinets and parts that only offer a few sizes and styles, forcing your kitchen to adapt to your cabinets and not to you.

BR Ellis does much more!

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The Design

We Design to your needs and to the space of your kitchen by using custom made products.

The Build

During the build, when needed, we adapt and overcome all obstacles giving you professional results.

The Product

The finished result will be built especially for you and your home - lasting a life time.

1. Design
Form and Function
Design to your needs and to the space of your room.
Cost-Benefit Evaluations
What is the benefit of each design element and does it reach your needs, budget and functionality?
The Overall Vision
We envision the entire design and plan before we begin. By using Design Software we're able to see the end result, helping us minimize changes.
Custom "Everything"
We don't use standard parts, because your home is not standard, its yours. Our cabinets are measured down to 1/16" while many competitors measure to 3" increments. The 1/16" increment allows an exact fit with endless possibilities.
2. Build
Build to Perfection
Changes are expected throughout the building process. We will coach you through form, function and budget decisions.
Every home is unique. During the build if needed, we adapt and overcome all obstacles.
3. The Finished Result
Built especially for you and your home. Built to last a life time!